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for the romantic rebel... featuring Fame and Partners

I am at the ripe age where many of my beautiful friends are starting to take vows and find their happily ever after. With wedding dates sprinkled throughout my calendar, finding the perfect wedding guest attire has been on the top of my "fashion must list" this Summer. But it's not easy finding pieces that are classy yet edgy, chic yet comfortable, and romantic in color. That's until I met my match: the one-shoulder Solange Jumpsuit by Fame and Partners. I had no idea how beautiful the piece would be until it arrived and I felt the weight of the material and quality in every detail! As soon as I slipped it on, I knew my search was over. I fell in love with the sleek fitting one shoulder top, draping overlay, wide leg pant, and overall comfort of the jumpsuit. Forewarning – I will be wearing this to as many weddings as I can get away with this year.

On another note, if you are a Bride or Bridesmaid looking for the best place to shop – Fame and Partners is your spot!  They have an entire "Wedding Shop" dedicated to brides, bridesmaids, and guest attire where you can find some of the most beautiful stand-out pieces. Fame and Partners stands behind ethical fashion and allows you to customize elements to fit your style – you can adjust the length, straps, add a belt, etc to each design! On top of all this, they donate $5 to a women's empowerment fund for every item purchased. Fame and Partners is changing the fashion game and we love and support everything about their business model! 

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