Trend: Unicorn Macarons!

We couldn't help it... we jumped on the bandwagon...

We love two things A LOT:

  1. Our Followers & Customers
  2. Macarons

So after numerous requests, Instagram tags, Facebook shares, and direct emails / text messages asking us to make the fan-crazed unicorn macarons that blew up the internet this month.... we caved.  Thanks to Sarah's (rock)candy obsession and my overflowing cabinet of sprinkles, edible luster dust, and sparkles we carefully created these *magical* unicorn macarons! Admittedly, we get the hype and these are our favorite macarons-to-date!  

Want some??

For a limited time we are offering custom Unicorn Macarons to our customers!*

To order: 
Email macarons@wethebirds.com with subject: "Unicorn Macaron Order - Dallas".

$24 for Half-dozen
$48 for Dozen

*Limited time only. Half dozen minimum. Dallas only. Promotion expires 02/05/17

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Unicorn Macarons by WE THE BIRDS

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Natalie is the Macaron-Maker and Operations/Finance Director behind WE THE BIRDS. She brings her innate creativity and background in business and finance to the table. She is a gluten-free foodie who has mastered the art of making French macarons. Nat is the innovative baker behind WE THE BIRDS | Macarons which specializes in small batch, custom macarons.

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