The Slip Dress

Silky smooth and a steal!

I am all about splurging on high-end quality pieces, but this Target slip dress was a fashion saver during my recent trip to Italy!  It all started when I was stocking up on travel-sized toiletries late one afternoon before my trip. Though I usually steer straight for the beauty section at Target, I took the long route this time and perused the women's fashion section before hitting the hand sanitizer and face masks.... I was pleasantly surprised by a lot of the pieces I was seeing.... I finally stopped myself from grabbing everything that looked semi-decent and gravitated towards this silver-toned slip dress. I didn't want to waste anymore time, so I grabbed the $29.99 dress without trying it on (typical) and figured I would just return it anyway....

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After my excessive toiletries expenditure, I made it home and tried on the slip dress. I loved it.  I couldn't believe it, but I absolutely loved it.  It fit perfectly and felt silky and smooth all over. So this Target maxi slip dress came along with me to Italia and made an appearance not once, not twice, but three times during the 10-day trip!  First for dinner in Milan, then dinner in Portofino, and finally dinner in Tuscany (see Italy post coming next week for a full recap).  All that to say – I am so happy I found this slip dress as it was unique, elegant, perfect for layering and easy to pack.  Grazie Targét!


Maxi Slip Dress | Target

Nude Clutch Wallet | Urban Originals

Denim Jacket | Fidelity Denim

Pale Pink Heels | Topshop

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