The Macaron "Donut"

Donut Macarons for National Donut Day!

We the Birds celebrates National Donut Day ~ with a twist!  While we LOVE a classic glazed donut, one of us birds cannot eat this fluffy wheat flour based treat.  So we introduce you to the MACARON "DONUT".  Designed and baked fresh for all donut-craving, gluten-free eating, macaron-lovers of this world!  Custom donut macaron orders can be made at wethebirdsmacarons.com.

Happy National *Macaron* Donut Day!

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Macaron Donuts by We the Birds Macarons 

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Natalie is the Macaron-Maker and Operations/Finance Director behind WE THE BIRDS. She brings her innate creativity and background in business and finance to the table. She is a gluten-free foodie who has mastered the art of making French macarons. Nat is the innovative baker behind WE THE BIRDS | Macarons which specializes in small batch, custom macarons.

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