Speckled Egg Macarons

We can't get enough of these pastel, speckled gold, egg-shaped macarons for Easter!

Easter has always been the most celebrated day in my family. Secular or Christian, Easter is a holiday to be celebrated by all as a welcoming of Springtime! Raised in a Catholic family, we learned the importance of Easter early on and recognized eggs as a symbol of new life and rebirth. This year, we decided to make beautiful egg-shaped macarons inspired by the pastel colors of budding Spring flowers. The glimmer of gold reminds us to dwell on the light and be in the light. 

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Custom Easter Egg Macarons by WE THE BIRDS

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Natalie is the Macaron-Maker and Operations/Finance Director behind WE THE BIRDS. She brings her innate creativity and background in business and finance to the table. She is a gluten-free foodie who has mastered the art of making French macarons. Nat is the innovative baker behind WE THE BIRDS | Macarons which specializes in small batch, custom macarons.

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