We can't remember what our life was like before Soylent.... and we never want to remember

What is Soylent?  The solution for all our busy day hunger problems... A delicious drinkable meal that keeps us fueled.  As I am sure many can relate, we work around the clock running our small businesses.  We need (on average) at least 10 extra hours each day, 2 additional hands, and resources beyond our means...sigh...  Luckily, stopping mid-momentum for a meal is no longer on our daily to-do list.  Soylent replaces meals on busy days without stealing our time.  We're having a hard time remembering how we survived the day without Soylent... it has truly changed our life! Don't beleive us? Try it yourself — click here to buy now.

Learn more at soylent.com.

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Sarah is the Creative Director behind WE THE BIRDS' brand strategy, web design and visual imagery. She brings her years of experience in fashion, graphic design & photography (having worked for Neiman Marcus' corporate creative department for the better part of her career) and is delighted to see her own brand vision come to life.

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