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Rocking the best skin of my life thanks to Enlighten MD

All my life, I've had okay skin — not great — just okay. I'm always walking around with a pimple or two concealed with make up (whatever, I've accepted this) but the biggest issue for me has been patches of redness and overall uneven skin tone (my chin has always been particularly red). I definitely have never felt confident going out in public bare-faced. Which is why I am super excited to share with you all about my recent procedure at Enlighten MD — the photofacial. For the first time ever, I am proud to show off my skin wearing ONLY tinted sunscreen and blush. 

The beauty gurus at Enlighten MD have worked some serious magic on my skin ✨ they recommended a photo-facial to make my fair skin more "evenly toned". I had the procedure in late November 2016. I won't lie to you, the laser treatment hurt a bit more than I expected (but not unbearable). I went in early to get numbing cream all over my face, then Kari hit my face with the laser — it felt kind of like a rubberband being snapped all over my face. A lot of estheticians break up the photofacial process into 2-4 session. Kari explained that she prefers to be a bit more aggressive on the first treatment to eliminate or minimize follow up procedures (I appreciated this because I would prefer to just do it all in one go). I left the office after about 2 hours start to finish and looked pretty close to normal — no one would have guessed I just had a laser attack my face. I was warned that over the next week or so my dark patches would turn darker before eventually fading / flaking away. I didn't notice this too much (maybe because I'm used to covering up the patchiness?). I didn't really find that there was any "down time" with this procedure.

It took about a month or so before my dark spots really started to fade but low and behold, one day I started to notice that I needed less make up to cover my weirdly uneven skin blotches. Two months later, my dark spots and patches of redness are almost completely gone!!! (Note: I still have pimples that need to be addressed but thats another story)

So to wrap this up— I HIGHLY recommend scheduling a consultation at Enlighten. Kari and her team of specialists will assess your skin and recommend the best course ofI action. I guarantee you will see some pretty astounding results!

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Photofacial by Enlighten MD

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