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A recap of our quick trip to New Orleans

When Mignon Faget (a jewelry brand we have worked with throughout the years) asked us if we could attend the launch party for their Crescent Collection, we jumped at the opportunity to take a little hiatus to New Orleans. Running our own business, we admit that we don't "get away" nearly enough. So, for sanities sake, we headed to New Orleans for a couple of days of relaxation, insane food and good people.

Fun Fact: We were born in New Orleans.. Although we never actually lived there, we have been in and out of the city for most of our lives. Our parents grew up nearby on the North Shore, and our family is rooted in New Orleans (which is something we often forget).


The Pontchatrain Hotel

Located in the Garden District, the Pontchatrain Hotel is a sanctuary for both visitors and locals. The hotel itself has been around since the 1920's but has been recently renovated and reimagined — its old-world charm is complimented by all the modern amenities you could dream of. Upon arriving, the staff was friendly and accommodating (we arrived reallyyyyy early in the morning). The hotel uses vintage keys to get into your room — there are no digital card keys. What about safety? Don't worry, they've thought of that... The large brass key has a special code engraved on it which represents your room number, but you'll only understand the code if the staff explains it to you. We kind of fell in love with this old-school key situation and instantly felt transported to a different time. Nostalgia - its kind of nice to hold a physical key in your hand. I think this is one of the many details that made us feel "right at home" — and make no mistake, the Pontchatrain was our home for about 50 wonderful hours.

Our corner suite was almost like a little apartment — a living room (with a badass yellow velvet couch), a bedroom (with the cutest pink beds), and a bathroom, as well as a few extra nooks and crannies. The suite layout made sense when we learned that the rooms were once residential units. 

Fun Fact: We learned upon arriving in NOLA that our great-grandmother actually lived at the Pontchatrain Hotel for a time. We truly did not know this — thankfully our grandmother's memory still serves us well and she informed us of this awesome connection when we told her where we were staying!

The Pontchatrain Hotel has 4 bar/restaurant options on site. I know, ridiculously convenient! Read more about the Hot Tin Bar below. Truth be told, we could have never left the premises and been very happy!


La Petite Grocery

This is a classic New Orleans bistro located on Magazine St. We've eaten there many times throughout the years and it never disappoints. Excellent service, great food, perfectly New Orleans atmosphere. Chef/co-owner Justin Devillier is a James Beard Award winner 2016. 

Sarah's Note: I had the best grits of my entire life (just simple, buttery, grits)... dreaming about that now...

Natalie's Note: Paired a beautifully prepared tuna (seared rare) with an aperol spritz. Perfection!


Located on Magazine St., this stylish restaurant boasts an extensive bourbon list and serves upscale American & Southern cooking. They have a beautiful outdoor seating area, which is where we would normally choose to sit, but on this day it was hot as hell... so we chose air conditioning. We ordered oysters right away.

Sarah's Note: I had the best BLT of my entire life. Not pictured because I ate it too fast. I really never order BLT's but for some reason it jumped out at me on the menu... I am SO glad I did because this.... this was something else.  I know my words don't mean much so just go to Kenton's and order the BLT. Trust.

Natalie's Note: Don't leave here without trying the oysters! We started with The Kenton's Half Dozen and the cilantro salsa verde + fresno chiles were everything! 


Hot Tin Bar

Conveniently located on the top floor of The Pontchatrain Hotel, Hot Tin is the perfect place to start or end your night. Once a penthouse, the space has now been converted into one of the best rooftop bars in the city. Echoing the vibe of New Orleans, Hot Tin's decor is a mix of old and new + eclectic details — truly a feast for the eyes. Glass accordion doors open onto a balcony, which boasts an incomparable view of Downtown New Orleans. Tip: There's also a smaller, more secluded balcony on the other side of the bar which overlooks Saint Charles Avenue. You're welcome ;)


Paint'd Luxe Nail Salon

Get your nails did — Paint'd Luxe Nail Salon opened this year and focuses solely on manicure nail art. This little spot is beautifully decorated (totally Insta-worthy) - I mean... look at that pink wallpaper!! The entire experience at Paint'd is smooth and effortless, the way a manicure appointment should be! You start out by flipping through their catalog of designs, while sipping on your drink of choice. Once you've picked which design you want on your nails, you'll be directed to your chair and sit across from your talented nail artist. We were surprised how quickly the nail artist managed to complete our designs! Excellent Quality + Fast Service = WINNING.

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Pink Robes? yes, please | The Pontchatrain Hotel
Vintage Room Key | The Pontchatrain Hotel
This yellow velvet sofa (heart eyes).... The Pontchatrain Hotel
pink & green beds | The Pontchatrain Hotel
Pink Robes ;) The Pontchatrain Hotel
Lounging at The Pontchatrain Hotel
Old medicine bottles in the bathroom | The Pontchatrain Hotel


The best grits ever... La Petite Grocery
Yumness | La Petite Grocery
Tuna | La Petite Grocery


Portrait on the wall at Hot Tin Bar - this lady is my spirit animal


Nail Art at Paint'd

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