Low Key Street Style

My go-to outfit for days that IDGAF... because its comfy AF

Knowlita is on of my favorite brands for street wear. Think hoodies, snapback hats, and their original "____ or nowhere" line of sweatshirts... Knowlita is a Soho-based lifestyle brand that designs statement art & apparel. Nat and I feel partial to this brand since their name almost matches our last name (Knowlton), but their carefully designed, minimal street apparel also aligns perfectly with our own style aesthetic. Plus, their merch is comfy AF.

Also, these lace-up shoes are SUAVS' newly released sneaker. Specializing in machine-washable, sock-less shoes, SUAVS has become one of my favorite on-the-go shoe brands for hot summer days. Last year, Nat and I each got a pair of the Barton Slip On (styled here) and we found ourselves wearing them non-stop because they are ridiculously comfy and easy to wear. The Zilker Sneaker lives up to the standard that I have come to expect from SUAVS AND I truly love the design of the sneaker!

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Black Hoodie | Knowlita

Black Snapback Hat | Knowlita

Shoes | Suavs

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