La Viajera

One-of-a-kind bucket bags featuring La Viajera

This spring, you will catch us sporting our La Viajera bucket bags everywhere. This brand is a newcomer to the market and has recently launched their first collection of gorgeous Colombian handmade bags (aka mochilas)— its safe to say that we are BIG fans! Each bag has its own defined character with vibrant colors and geometric designs. A symbol of Colombian heritage, mochilas are handwoven by an individual weaver, making each bag completely one-of-a-kind. La Viajera takes these traditional mochilas and adds a modern twist by adding high quality leather and fringe details (the leather is applied locally in DFW). These bags are a statement piece on their own and are also the perfect companion for all of your daily adventures ;)

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Rosada Bag (black + pink) | La Viajera

Pushaina (black + white) | La Viajera

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