Feathered Denim

Fringed, feathered, distressed denim

Walking into Zara during a SALE is best described as the happiest intoxication. All inhibitions are lowered and I let myself fall in love with every piece I see before even circling the store once. I've learned to try every piece on and do a few laps around the store before entering the check-out line. It's the only way to save me (and my wallet) from walking out with half the store. In my mind, this is how I determine that I am walking out with the true "winners."

EXHIBIT A: these feathered destroyed denim black jeans. Obsessed.

(If feathers aren't your thing, check out these embroidered bejewelled jeans, or these white faux pearl jeans)

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Ankle-Strap Sandal Heel | Nordstrom

Black denim | Zara

Green Jacket | Zara

Black chain handbag | Henri Bendel

Rose gold + black watch | McCoy Road

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