The Pantsuit

Pantsuits are here to stay #girlpower

Confession: I've actually never worn a pantsuit. I know this is kind of surprising since I spent most of my career in a corporate setting (at Neiman Marcus Headquarters). I attribute this to the fact that I was always working in the creative / fashion side of the business — so the pressure to dress in traditional business attire was outweighed by the pressure to dress stylishly ;) Natalie on the other hand, who spent her career in the Accounting/Finanace world, has owned many renditions of business suits (pants and skirts). She is always shocked that I don't own a real blazer...

Anyway, when we were defining with Fall trends we wanted to cover in our Fall Editorial, "power suits" simply could not be left off the list. Pant suits dominated the runways for this season. For the first time ever, I'm excited to own a pant suit... it is pink and sparkly ;)

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Glitter Blazer | Topshop

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