Western Front


You know those pieces that look too good to actually feel good? I had my doubts, but every single piece in this Western-inspired outfit feels amazing, fits amazing, and made me feel good.

I love the distinctive features about each piece. The jacket is a piece of art. The studded shoulders and artwork on the back are ornamental and delicate. The suede fringe adds movement to the jacket and the leather is so soft it practically molds to your body.  The denim is equally soft and the patchwork gives them a retro vibe with a distressed hem to keep them current. Alas, the shoes... I love the mustard yellow suede and my favorite detail is the angled block heel.  Slingbacks are notoriously comfortable, and these are no exception! Easy to say, I feel strongly about this Western-chic look.


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Floral Embroidered Duster | Nordstrom

Studded Fringe Suede Jacket | Topshop Boutique

Ripped Demi Crop Jeans | Madewell

Strappy Ribbed Bodysuit | Topshop

Mustard Yellow Slingback Heels | Topshop

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