Extreme Wide Leg

Its a skirt... its pants... its jeans! This is a thing....

I recently picked up these jeans (with major flare) by MM6 Maison Margiela at a shop in Downtown Dallas called, Traffic LA. This shop is gorgeous from head to toe, but its also expensive because it carries a curated selection of designer items. I don't typically buy designer items on a whim and I had no intention of shopping that day. Nat and I somehow ended up in this store and I fell in love with the jeans and simply couldn't leave without them (lucky for me they were on sale)... I wish I could say that this is an unusual occurrence for me, but its not. I suck at "window shopping" and because of thisl, I generally avoid walking into a store when I have no money to spend. [Speaking of which, rant alert... I don't actually understand the concept of "window shopping". Why on earth would you "go shopping" without the intention (and budget) to buy things and bring them home with you? What baffles me even more is that this concept is considered a fun activity for many people... maybe the fact that its not fun for me is indicative of some of my bigger issues in this life... shopping addiction, or the insatiable craving for material things, or something worse... I don't know, Natalie is good at "window shopping" and I'm always trying to understand HOW/WHY... but okay, end rant...]

THESE JEANS though. They are the perfect transitional piece to take my wardrobe from Summer to Fall. After purchasing these jeans, I have since added 3 more wide-leg jeans to my closet... what can I say? Wide-legged jeans are happening in a big way and I'm a fan. What I loved about this particular pair of jeans is that they are so ridiculously wide, they almost look like a skirt... with the ease of NOT being a skirt. I can run around and feel "free" the way I do in jeans. The overstated silhouette makes me feel exponentially cooler when I'm wearing them. Cool Factor +++++

I've rounded up my favorite wide-leg jeans from around the web for you to shop... scroll down to shop now :)

p.s. Even though the pair of jeans I am wearing in this post is sold out, I managed to find them in a darker color.

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Wide-leg Jeans | MM6 Maison Margiela
(darker pair here)

Floral Jacket | Zara

Denim Boots | Nasty Gal

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