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Taking this Fame and Partners jumpsuit from day to night...

I'm always looking for pieces that transition nicely from day to night. I was so excited when I got my hands on this Fame and Partners jumpsuit because the linen material is perfect for running around on a summer day. Its open back makes it breathe easy, which is basically a requirement for Texas summer apparel. The pants are super long, so I cuffed them at the bottom to wear with sneakers for the daytime look. To transition this piece to a more formal, nighttime look, I got rid of the jean jacket, added strappy heels and some statement accessories. I actually love the long length of this pantsuit so that I can easily throw on a pair of heels for a more dressy look. Note: you can customize this piece to be cropped at the ankles if you prefer.

More about Fame and Partners

You've probably seen ads for this stand-out brand all over social media lately (I know I have).. now that I've gotten my hands on some pieces from Fame and Partners, I can honestly say that this brand lives up to the online hype. 

The contemporary designs of the pieces I have received have instantly elevated my wardrobe in a way that most of my new clothes simply don't do. There is a timeless quality to Fame and Partners' designs and wearing them makes me feel more like a stylish adult than a teenager (most of the time I dress like I'm still 17 which may or may not be a good thing). SO adding Fame and Partners to my shopping rolodex is exactly what I've been looking for to elevate my style to a more sophisticated level. What's more, I feel GOOD wearing their clothes not only because of the style & fit, but also because each piece is are ethically made-to-order (which means less waste, which I hope you know by now is a good thing). 

Another offering that sets Fame and Partners' apart from other online retails is the customization feature. Since we specialize in making custom French macarons for our customers here at WE THE BIRDS, I feel particularly drawn to the concept of customization! The shopping experience on the Fame and Partners website gives you the tools to build your own style. While browsing their online shop, you'll notice that you can select different customization options for each piece. This unique feature makes me feel like I'm participating in the design process AND getting the chance to tailor the item to suit my own personal style. If I want to make a dress shorter, I can! If I want to add a v neck, I can. You get to choose — which feels a lot like freedom! ...and I tend to like freedom...

In Summary:
Things to love about Fame and Partners:
  • Stylish, beautifully designed pieces
  • Elevates your wardrobe
  • ethical fashion
  • customization options (print, fit, details...)
  • made-to-order
  • BONUS: excellent source for wedding attire (see Nat's post about this)
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