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When our dear friend from Singapore reached out to us to tell us about her new Indiegogo campaign focused on healthy supplements, we jumped at the opportunity to try the individually packaged superfood blends!  For one month, I incorporated AukaLife supplements into my morning smoothies and let's just say – I don't want to know what mornings are like without AukaLife! We all know there are tons of vitamins + ingredients we should be adding into our diet for detox, energy, recovery, and antioxidants – but this means buying tons of weird powders, seeds, and spices that we may or may not use more than once. This is where AukaLife comes in.  The ingredients are pure and simple and perfectly portioned for your health needs. If you want to live healthy without disrupting your busy lifestyle, AukaLife is your answer.  Get your hands on the goods by ordering or donating to AukaLife TODAY!

There are 4 flavors of AukaLife that focus on different goals:

DETOX (moringa, matcha, spirulina, wheatgrass, barley grass, flaxseed) - a grassy flavor to improve digestion and flush out toxins in the body. Filled with amino acids that help improve metabolism

ENERGY (maca, bee pollen, flaxseed, coconut palm) - earthy, honey flavor that provides a steady energy boost while balancing mood and hormones. 

RECOVERY (cacao, pea protein, hemp protein, maca, walnut) - chocolate plant based protein with superfoods that lower cortisol (stress) levels, great for a post workout!

ANTIOXIDANT (acai powder, goji powder, turmeric, chia seeds, beet root powder, camu camu) - fruity, tangy flavor with lots of anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties. Great for increasing blood flow.

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Natalie is the Macaron-Maker and Operations/Finance Director behind WE THE BIRDS. She brings her innate creativity and background in business and finance to the table. She is a gluten-free foodie who has mastered the art of making French macarons. Nat is the innovative baker behind WE THE BIRDS | Macarons which specializes in small batch, custom macarons.

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